"Not all those who wander are lost."

J R R Tolkien

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1 March 2014

Back to the boat shed

Well, it's been a while since I posted anything! For that matter, it's been a while since I did any work on the boat. The last 3 months have been spent in boat building hibernation...It's not quite true though. I did wake up briefly now and again, to do the odd bit of work.

 Most of that work has been concerned in keeping the tent up and in a reasonable condition. Considering it was a "budget" marquee, it's done remarkably well. It's about 15 or 16 months since it was put up. The fabric has become a bit porous in places, there are drips coming in. Mind you, it would have been even more surprising if it had not happened. We have had weeks of rain, and more rain, gales and, on at least 2 occasions, wind of over 70 miles an hour. I am glad I'd spent time using much bigger tie downs and rope than what was provided with the tent. I would have found it in the fields ages ago otherwise.

I now have all the material necessary to actually finish the hull and the cabin. I have made all the curved beams needed for the cabin roof.  Right now, I am working on the forward sides of the cabin and roof. The hull itself is not yet complete. The reason for this is that access to the inside is much easier that way. Besides, there is a fair amount of  WEST epoxy resin to be used in the making of the bottom panels and fibre-glassing, and the weather is still way too cold for epoxy, the optimum being 18 degrees,  whereas we've got 6 or 7 degrees today!

I have got some pictures to put up, I just have to figure out the new computer and that darn Window 8, which is a right pain to use....

23 December 2013

A happy Xmas from the boat shed

Things are quiet at the boat shed. No hammering, no sawing, no cursing going on...The boat is having a rest, for the last month I haven't done any work...bluhhh... ££ is low at the moment, hence no materiel, hence no work... :(  The tent survived 60 miles an hour winds a few weeks back. I hope it's going to survive the 60/70 miles an hour the weather people are gleefully announcing for tonight. They are even announcing speed reduction on the rail network, or even the prospect of  closing down part of the railway, so it could be true, it's going to be windy!

It's not all bad. My knees have had a bit of time to rest, they've been giving me a bit of hassle recently. So no climbing, bending down, kneeling is helping.

It's Xmas in a couple of days, I don't think there will be any snow here. It's not the same without snow at this time.  Daughter number two is home for Christmas which is nice.

Hopefully there will be more going on on my blog to in the new year.

Happy Christmas to all.

10 December 2013

Badass wisdom!

I just liked that!