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18 October 2009

The first friction folders

Following in the wake from the hysteria in the press regarding knives, I have become interested in making small "legal" size pocket knives. Ie, sub 3" long blades non locking blades. There is quite a bit od scope as far as designing something like that.

Those little folders are what I came up with. They are really quite nice little knives to make and use. This is the first one I made.

One piece Teak handle, not so easy to make, the slot has got to be sligthly wider than the blade is thick, ( in this case the blade is 3 mm) straight, and the sides of the slot parallel to each other.
The blade is 01 tool steel, with some filework on the spine. The pins are brass and the washers are flattened copper roves. Decorated with a home made mosaic pin.

In the wake of this first model, I went a bit overboard and made some other friction folders, including this little one: 2" long, stabilised Burr Elm handle, hard work to make the slot!


  1. Good post, nice looking knives. I did not realise that you were able to carry any sort of knife in the UK. Here in NSW Australia there is a total ban on carrying knives in public places unless you have a good reason for doing so, eg as a part of your trade or occupation.
    Good to have found your blog fellow woodsman, I look forward to more posts.
    Regards, Le Loup.

  2. Thank you. I think the law is pretty much similar similar to yours, but you can carry a small, under 3" non-locking folding knife, theoretically, without having to give explanations or fear of prosecution.
    The reality is that if the police officer has had a bad day, and/or you behave like a jackass in the wrong place, even waving a pencil about can lend you in front of a judge!

    I am now going to go and look your blog up!


  3. Love the spine work you did on that first folder. Really lovely.
    Handcrafted things have a soul.
    Thanks for joining my blog.