"Not all those who wander are lost."

J R R Tolkien

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7 December 2010

A short walk by the river

Ice on the trees and reeds along the Waveney River
We went for a walk this morning, me and Jack, our English Bull Terrier. The weather was cold and misty, not much Sun around, although it did make the briefest of appearances.

One of the many drainage dikes

I am lucky that I can just walk out of the door and within 1/2 hour, I am along the river. It's all farm land and I am of course restricted to the tracks and footpaths, and there not a lot of places with trees. The trees along the river are flooded at the moment because the river water level is high, and there is some flooding in the marshes. But it's still a beautiful walk along the river. Generally, particularly during the week, there are only a few people, so, I tend to have the place almost to myself.

This morning, I saw Herons, a Barn Owl working the edge of the banks along the river, swans, I even got a glimpse of what I think was a Weasel, scuttling across the path.
The Waveney River, looking South

Rainbow, looking  North
There was a deer grazing in the field, too far to take a picture of it and I'd forgotten to take my binoculars too...:-(

Unfortunately, we can't see it, but  the deer was grazing in the field, right under the bottom of the rainbow!

Not a terribly good picture of the swan!

One of the many herons on the marshes
That swan nearly flew overhead, but obviously didn't like the look of me and the dog, and quickly veered off course!


  1. What a fine day... there´s not much to say.

    Sometimes nature is too mystic to intelligently describe, but it is the real thing.

    Thanks for sharing those great pictures and the experience! You live in a great landscape, even if it´s flat;-)!

  2. It is a great landscape. But it is also an entirely man made landscape. Everywhere are the detritus of man. The farmers like to call themselves "The Custodians of the Countryside" and I don't think they live up to this grand title. The mist does help a lot too, to soften up everything and make the landscape look beautiful.

    Widlife creatures, the Four Legged, the Wings of the Air, the Standing People as Native American people called them, still survive quite well, but I think in spite of man rather than because of man. I just wish we as a society had more respect for the nature around us rather than using is recklessly.