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19 July 2011

Naomi's London To Paris Cycle Ride

Naomi on her new bike

 Well, the time has finally arrived. Naomi's cycle ride start on Thursday from London. The first leg is from London to Southampton to catch the ferry to France. The other 2 legs will be in France,  On Friday, the longuest leg at over 90 miles. Tthe last leg on will be on Saturday. They will see the arrival of the Tour de France in Paris on Sunday, then return to London on the train.

It's been a lot of hard work getting to this point. We have not managed to get any sponsorship at all. So all the money raised so far has been our own effort, and a lot was raised with the help of the members on this forum, for which we say a big thank you. We raised, so far, over £1000, all of which will go to The Big Issue Foundation.

The other hard work was getting enough training in! What with work, University Summer School, some knee problems and now a cold....

I'll keep you posted with what's happening in the next few days. At least, it looks like the weather, although some rain is predicted, should be pushing in the right direction!


  1. @Naomi:

    HATS OFF TO YOU! Pedal to the metal, as we say around these parts, and my very best wishes. It´s not much I could do, and you came there all by your own, so you WILL GET TO PARIS, TOO!!! My deepest respect to you.

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  3. Thanks Markus. Naomi is now in London, in readiness for the departure tomorrow morning. She's to be there at 7.30am... It's going to be a long day for her, and 140 others! She has got a cold, which does not help and has had problems with her knees. So I hope it goes well for her.

  4. My deepest respect to you too Naomi. Great experience i think...get healthy soon. Greetz from Hagen Germany....Wencke!