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J R R Tolkien

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18 September 2011

Working on a range of leather work

Over the past few months, I have been experiencing a decline in the sale of my knives.  Not that this is my main source of income, but it was a useful, even essential part of my income. There is little doubt that the economic situation generally is contributing to this decline. So I am working on creating a range of leather work items that I am going to offer up for sale on Etsy.

It takes time, and some money of course, to start creating a small stock of items. The trickiest part is to create something with my particular style as I don't want to copy other people's work. Most of the leather work I have made over the past few years have been geared toward the outdoor, bushcraft particularly. I am trying now to create something that will (hopefully!) appeal to a wider range of people as well.

So, there are going to be bags, belts, pouch-belts, mobile phone pouches, Kindles book covers...that sort of thing.

Here are 3 examples of (as yet incomplete) prototype I am working on.

This double-pouch is going to be part of a belt. I only made it yesterday and although I am happy with it, from a bushcraft point of view, I think I need to soften/refine the appearance a bit.

Double belt-pouches
Largish bag
Softer shaped handbag that can be personalised
These are not yet complete. I am waiting on a bunch of brass hardware and need to order some extra leather. I think there is perhaps most to be gained with the personalisation of those bag with carvings of, say, a favourite pet or some such idea.

I intend to continue making the knives of course, perhaps concentrate more on the folding pocket knives.


  1. You do good work, Joel; I wish I had that talent! I think you're on the right course with your leatherwork and I believe you're right about the economy being to blame for your slump in sales.

  2. Hi, Joel, I think next year I´ll want to commission a knife from you. Got your Email and will use it:-).

    Great pouches, great work, as always, and I am with Gorges: I wish I had your talent, and do! Not! Bother! to deny it again!:-)

  3. Wow top work Joel.