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9 November 2011

Creating a friction folder. Part one.

I have recently been commissioned to create a friction folder. The client has seen my Rustic Oak friction folder on my website and wanted something similar for his owm use.

Rustic Oak
 There are a few differences in what my client wanted for his folder:

A beer bottle opener
A longer tang
A shorter blade
A higher grind line
A 3mm thick blade
Filework on the spine

So  the first thing to do is to produce a drawing, then a simple working model. I tend to use thin ply and/or thin cardboard to make those simple models. Here is the first drawing, along with my Rustic Oak.

First drawing and my own Rustic Oak

Here are a couple of pictures of the working model. At this stage it's the same size as the original, but with the bottle opening tang.

Model of new Rustic Oak, open.
Model of new Rustic Oak, closed.

After a few discussions, I drew the revised version and Emailed it to my client for approval (or otherwise!)

New Rustic Oak, with approximate dimensions.

My client was happy with the sketch and the dimensions. So, the next step now will be to draw the knife again and make another simple working model using  the revised dimensions.


  1. If i´d have the funds, id ask you to make one for me too, without opener and with sturdier locking pin instead. That looks soooooo good man !

  2. .....as usual. I have been planning to make a multi-purpose-friction folder myself. This is a great tutorial! Thank you a lot again.

    Will set a direct link to this post.

  3. Ah, and may I use your drawing? My post looks a bit shallow without a pic...:-)

  4. Lovely knife. Maybe I should order one for my Christmas/birthday present.

  5. Perkunas.. May be we could come up with a trade of some description?

    Markus..Thanks you. Yes my friend you can use the pics, no problems.

    Philip.. Thank you. It would be a pleasure to make one for you, but I don't think I would have time now before Xmas with all the things I have to do and work too! But any time otherwise...:-)

  6. Thats going to be one sweet knife Joel.