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2 March 2012

Woodworking knives

I have recently made these knives after some patterns I found on the blog St Thomas Guild, well worth a visit by the way, where you'll find info on medieval woodworking and such.

Although it seems difficult to connect medieval knives specifically to wood working, as knives can really do many different jobs, these seem to have been connected in some way to specific woodcarving/whittling of carpenters and coopers.

I like to try new ideas in knifemaking (well, new to me) and made these little knives, as close to the patterns as I could. The geometry of the blades as been reproduced as accurately as I could. The handles are a bit different from the pictures on the blog, but I thought that shouldn't be detrimental to the working of the knives. (I just used bits of woods I already had on the bench)

The blades are: 94 mm long, 16 mm wide , 70mm long, 14mm wide and 63mm long, 12mm wide, all three with convex grind.

I haven't had time to try them much on wood yet, but they cut tomatoes, onions and meat very well indeed!

I think the larger one, with a thicker blade (3mm) and a scandi grind, will make a very capable bushcraft knife.


  1. those look real nice Joel, not quite as nice as th' sickle blade i just got in th' mail, but perty dang nice indeed...

  2. Hi there Rico. Nice to see you here. Glad you like the blade, I hope it's sharp enough...I can remember if I gave it a final polish before I sent it! That reminds me...must make the blade cover!
    Those little knives are nice to use, although I think I'll make the blades again with a scandi grind. I get on better with scandi!

  3. To anyone! Have I managed to get rid of that annoying double word anti spam thing or is it still there?

  4. I experienced that this "recurve" edge shape really bites, too. Great knives indeed!

  5. Oh, and you did... get rid of that double-word-anti-spam. How did you do it?

  6. YES!!! Good riddance... Err... I am not at all sure Markus. I think you have to return to the old version of blogger, but I really not sure how the hell I did it! Not very helpful, Am I! :-)