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9 July 2013

Building our boat: where I'm at & a "back-of-an-envelope" drawing

Things have been a bit slow at the boat shed. I have had various appointements at the hospital, the result of which is that I am going to be admitted in august to have a stent fitted in the very small artery (1.8mm, 90% blocked, said the doctor... that's not much left for the blood to circulate) that caused my heart attack.

There has been some progress though. The picture shows that all the bottom frames are made and temporarily in place. I have 4 bottom panels glued up, ready to accept the fibreglass and I am expecting a roll of biaxal tape to arrive today. The tape will be used to cover and re-inforce the joints between the panels, and also to strenghten the corners of the hull.

Looking in toward the stern, showing the bottom frames in place

I have been doodling too. I have got the hull pretty muc sussed out in most details now, and I am now  thinking ahead to  the design of the superstructure. I like wheelhouses. I have worked outside in a boatyards some years ago and in winter, or when the weater is wet and windy, a good wheelhouse make the difference between having a miserable time and enjoying boating at all! So I wanted to incorporate a wheelouse into our boat. A bit of research produced some ideas from the past, particularly some lovely old pictures of steamers. So the result so far, is this back-of-an-envelope drawing showing a possible profile for the boat. Of course that will complicate matters somewhat, but with plywood, the wheelhouse shouldn't be too complicated to build. Famous last words...

The back-of-the-envelope drawing! The top doddle is my favourite idea


  1. Have you checked bridge heights? That may be a concern on how high up you want to put that wheel house.

    More progress, so that's good. Take care of yourself.

    1. Honestly? No! But you make a valid point. It is likely that the wheelhouse will be a partly collapsible structure, like many dutch barges used. It's definitely more complex to build though. I have completely rebuilt one a few years ago and it's quite a lot of work.

      I am taking care, Sixbears. I want to see our boat built, so I'm taking it easy. I have lost weight, my cholesterol is down to 3.7, and my blood pressure is low... And I am taking enough medication to open my own pharmacy now. That's OK by me though: I am still breathing and that's most satisfying!

  2. I can see how the top plan would save space on the main deck. Glad you're taking care of yourself.