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J R R Tolkien

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11 August 2013

Waiting for a phone call

I am due to go into hospital this morning, to have a stent put inserted. I was given a time, 11.30 am, but got a phone call yesterday from a nurse at the cardiac unit, asking me to wait at home until they call me in! So I am not sure when this is going to happen, or even if it's going to happen today. Ah well, I prefer to have to wait at home than waiting at the hospital.

The bottom of the boat is coming along nicely, albeit more slowly than I had originally thought. I now have 4 panels (out of 9) in place, all glued up and screwed in place. Most of the beams supporting those panels are also in place. I have laminated two of the front curved panels and fibreglassed them yesterday. I think I will have finished the hull before the weather turns too cold to be able to work with  epoxy.

Even with the heart attack and taking longer than I had thought (building boats will always take longer than you thought!) I think it's been pretty good going. Of course it helps it's a simple hull (flat sides and mostly flat bottom) but it's still 36 feet long!

The next task after the hull is finished and bottom painted will be to lower the hull onto the floor of the shed. That should be fun!


  1. I hope the stent procedure goes well...

  2. I'll say a prayer for you, Joel. (And maybe another for when you lower the hull!) ;-)

    1. Thank you Gorges I appreciate it.Ah,lowering the hull is going to be fun I'm sure!

  3. Good luck with the hospital visit.

    Glad to hear your boat is coming along. I have to deal with some house repair that was put off too long. Oh well. Of course, yesterday the weather was perfect for working on a boat -and we went sailing with a friend instead. Choices.

  4. Thank you Sixbears. Sometimes orother we all have to attend to the chores...but I found it easier to ignore then than I used to!Besides sailing if far more fun.