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20 January 2009

My latest knives

This is my latest right handed crooked knife. The handle is Rippled Sycamore. This blade is 80 mm long, with a marked curve at the tip 20 mm, and a more gentle curve for the rest of the length.

A couple of pictures of a small neck knife. Again I used Rippled Sycamore for the scales. the blade is 75 mm long.

These two are my latest work.The first one is a Nesmuk, the second one a Sgian Dubh.

The Nessmuk is 188 mm long, made of 01 tool steel. The handle scales are Rippled Sycamore treated with boiled linseed oil, and I used brass pins and lanyard tube. I used some black fibre liners for contrast to the light coloured Sycamore. The handle shape is a subtle bushy type.

The SgianDubh is a bit of a departure from the knives I make normally. I have seen a lots of these knives on the net, but also, a lot of them seem to be poor quality and/or tacky looking.

My interpretation is 177 mm long, the blade is 24 mm wide and 3 mm thick. I used a scandi grind because I think it will make it a more useful knife. The handle scale are stabilised Burr Elm, epoxied to the full tang and held & decorated with two copper/steel mosaic pins. The blade has filework all around the handle.

I have tried to create a simple and crisp design, hopefully, I have done justice to the Sgian Dubh design.


  1. lovely looking blades, especially the crooked knife - you've mde me jealous!
    The Nessmuk looks to be a very accurate rendition - far more so than most I see with the name!

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  3. Jojo, over the last six months that crooked knife has made both her maker and her user very proud!

    Keep up the blogging brother!

  4. Like the look of the crooked knife. Might be handy for spoon carving.