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7 June 2010

New tent!

Well, after many years of using a dome tent, we decided it was high time for it to retire. It's done us good for family camping, but it started leaking last time my daughter used it, and looking decidedly tired.

So after loking around we decided to treat ourselves and bought a 4 metre canvas Bell tent.

We haven't had time yet to use it, but here it is in our back garden. Much, much nicer than the old nylon dome! I can stand inside...bliss. The light inside is just beautiful and really restful on the eyes. I also like the fact that we can raise the walls for ventilation. Tents can be a bit stuffy, but with the walls raised, it produced a nice draft and kept it cool.

It's a tent for car camping, it's too heavy to lug around! But that's ok. I am going to have great fun furnishing it. It'll take a while but it's going to be worth it!


  1. That looks like a really good tent,looking forward to seeing it in use Joel

  2. Great looking tent Joel. I think canvas puts a whole different feeling into camping out as opposed to nylon. I have two 18th century design wedge tents that I made by hand, but they rarely get used these days as we have not been to a Rendezvous in years, and as you say, they are too heavy to back-pack. But I still remember the early days when all tents were canvas.
    I lost interest in camping many years ago when everything started to get high tech! Then I discovered 18th century living history and Historical Trekking and it really put the enjoyment back into camping for me.
    I hope you have some great times in your new tent Joel.
    Regards, Le Loup.

  3. im not a big tent fan,but it looks good for the whole family..

  4. SAWEET JOJO!!! I've been wanting to try one out for years, considered it a "modified Tepee". Two thumbs up and a grin!!

  5. We gave it a good soaking yesterday, to help swell the cotton fibres, and not a drop came inside, except when a misdirected hose pipe shot through one of the vents at the top! The fabric didn't even feel damp on the inside.

  6. do they have a web site? I would love to get a tent like that....