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9 June 2010

Playing with fire

Making a wood fire is something that, no matter how many times I do it, I never get tired of. I love the dancing flames, the warmth, the smoke, the crackling of the burning wood....

I got a new mini fire-lighting kit in a trade with Sticks65. It contains a mini steel striker, some small pieces of flint, some fat wood, a mini tinder tube with some cotton rope, some jute tinder and extra jute twine, a length of waxed thread, all contained in a nice old chromed brass tin. I replaced the pieces of flint for a larger piece because it was a bit on the small size for my fingers. The cotton rope is different, as I have been experimenting with some different small ropes.

I have not used a tinder tube before but I am quickly being converted. I made another one this morning, a bit bigger, I just used a length of bamboo and a piece of oil lamp wick, it took about 5 minutes to make!

Bamboo may not be the most practical to use as it did singe a bit, but that could be because I was trying to take pictures and left the tube in the straw nest a bit too long! It's easy to replace with a piece of coppet tube or a small bone.

I tried to take a couple of pictures of the process, but found I didn't have enough hands...So no pics of the striking of the steel on the flint, or of the glowing ember, it does not show well on the pic I took. It was very easy and took only a few strikes and no more than 10 seconds to get an ember glowing.

A few moments of blowing in the straw and there you have it: fire!!

Then I ran out of batteries for the camera, so no pictures of the fire or of the boiling kettle and the final cuppa!


  1. Good work bro.

  2. Great article.
    I've been working on other tinder sources,char cloth(no brainier) , Cedar bark shavings(best natural source for me_),fungus(not easy).
    The wink is great idea,thanks

  3. Knine.

    You should try charred cotton wool,takes a spark every time.