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6 July 2010

Another friction folder

I finished the friction folder mentioned in a previous post. This one has light coloured cow horn handle scales. I am pleased how beautifuy the horn came out, a bit smelly to work with but well worth the effort. Worth wearing a dust mask too and do the sanding outside if at all possible!

It's the first time I have made use of cow horn on my folding knives and I think there will be more in the future. the blade I etched with my mixture of vinegar and garlic flakes, I like this technique, I think it produced some very nice patterns on the blade which contribute well with the overall look of the knife.

It will be on it's way to it's new owner tomorrow.


  1. A great looking knife Joel, well done.

  2. Very nice Joel! how much do you sell these for as I am in the market for a friction folder and that is a stunner mate!.

  3. I cannot wait to get my new knife joel,it look really nice.

    Well worth the wait.

    Garlic flakes and vinegar Wow what a cleaver idea and a great looking finish to the blade.

  4. Wow! Superb knife Woodsman. A classic. Love the cow horn. I didn't know you made knives, or I'd have been pestering you no end about my last project. I really like that.

  5. Joel, sorry I had checked out your knife pages before, for some reason I was associating you with leather work????? Your knives are right up my street. They remind me Matt of ML knives. You are too talented.

  6. Well I received this friction folder by special D today and could,t wait to get at it.

    Before I even opened it I noticed the weight and just knew I was going to like it.

    Like it I love it.

    First thing I did was test the sharpness and now have a bold patch on my left forearm.

    The etching is amazing Joel.

    There a few things I have on my person as EDC and one of those is a ferro rod & a folder so one thing i needed to know was will I be able to get sparks using the spine of the knife on my ferro rod,well the answer Is a resounding yes,I also tested it making a feather stick and it worked great.

    This knife is my new EDC,I like everything about it Joel.

    You Sir are a true Artisan.

    Thanks Joel.

  7. Wow! Thanks Gents! It's nice when your work is appreciated.

    Simon, do you have an Email address so I can, well, Email you!

    Sticks. Glad you are happy with your new knife mate!

    New Athenian. I do both the knives and the leather work. Maybe I need to work on my marketing techniques...

  8. I'll PM you on BCUK Joel.

    Simon (SOAR)

  9. Brother, that is GORGEOUS!! When shall we see a Nessmuk Friction Folder? Eh? Eh? ;-)

  10. Aanii Oz

    You're out of the woods I see! Good to hear from you my friend.

    Folding nessmuk? Well, I haven't got one yet, I have thought about it though...But could it really be called a Nessmuk??