"Not all those who wander are lost."

J R R Tolkien

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2 July 2010

Leather cover and bag for a small axe

I have had this lovely, little light axe for a while now and only got around to making a proper cover for it. I thought it would be useful to have a small bag attached to it, so that I would be able to carry a few things such as a sharpener and also a small fire making kit, sewing kit, maybe a small knife too.

So I made this welted, short fringed bag inthe mountain man style I like. I did not follow any particular patterns, simply made it in the style I like. There is a extra small inside pocket on the back. The bag is about 8" wide X 6" high. The leather is a soft water buffalo skin. There were a couple of holes in the skin and I used those as a feature, filling one with a small piece of what looks like snake skin.

It is all handsewn, with waxed linen thread, I hand forged the rings out of some mild steel and the buckle I used is a small square brass one a friend gave me.


  1. That's a very nice looking sheath and an original design too. It has echoes of fur trade style

  2. Thanks Sam. The fur trade is where I get my inspiration from for some of the stuff I make. Not tried to copy any originals on this one, just made it "in the style of".

    I'll write another post when I got what I am thinking in it.

  3. That's really lovely. It's got that warm worn look to it. The desing is a perfect match for that brilliant wee axe. Cool!

  4. Love the little axe Joel, and the bag and sheath look great. Well done. Looks like it will be a pleasure to carry in the woods.

  5. Very knife sheath Joel and the axe is nice to.