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19 October 2010

A couple of new knives for myself

One problem with being a knifemaker, is that it can be difficult to keep a knife for yourself! So those two, I am going to keep. But, having said that, anyone who would like one of those know where toask!

I only got as far as making the blades at the moment. I had abdominal surgery last Friday, and can't do too much for a while, so I thought I'd just show the blades for now.

Both blades are about 8" long with cutting edges about 4" long. The top one came about as a fixed blade version of the folder I made for Sticks65, over on Planet Bushcraft, when he thought that, with a longer blade than the folder, it might make a very good fixed blade for Bushcraft.

The bottom blade is undeniably Nessmuk in shape! I wanted a slightly more flattened curve to the blade, but keeping the Nessie's general shape. I think I have succeeded quite well in this.

Both are going to have a pewter bolster, hence the two holes nearer the cutting edge. The holes are necessary for anchoring the pewter in place on the blades. I think they are both going to have horn handle just like the folder I made for Sticks65, hence the many small pin holes.

When I get around to finishing the knives and make the pewter bolsters I'll take some pictures of the process and post them, probably as a short tuturial.


  1. Hi Joel! Cracking blades these, and you're getting much more done with a valid excuse for doing nowt, than I've been with far less reason. I'm very intrigued by the pewter bolsters you're planning, are you casting them on?

    Well all the best for a speedy recovery! Great work!

  2. Thanks Vot. I made the blades before the op, and at the moment spend my time not doing very much, apart from reading (enjoyable) and using the computer..:-( a bit tedious....

    The pewter bolsters will be cast in place on the blades, something that's fairly easy to do, using cereal-box type of cardboard and masking tape. The thing to watch is melted pewter is very hot and you don't want anything remotely damp in your mould or you'll find yourself covered in spattered molten metal. T'is not nice...;-(

    But the result is worth it when sanded, polished and aged a bit.

  3. In fact you can see a poured boster on my crooked knife in a previous post.

  4. Nice blades Joel! hope you get better soon mate.

    All the best.

  5. Just wanted to say first off I hope you have a rapid recovery and all is well. Second I love your knives. I recently reshaped two blades and put new handles on them. They were my first two and they look a little rough but they work. Your work is very nice and inspiring. I look forward to seeing more knives.