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23 November 2010

Carving knives

About 2 weeks ago, I posted about a small spoon carving knife I had made with a forged silver steel blade. I have now replaced the handle for something longer and simpler. Also, I have forged a few more blades, both left and right handed ones. Here are a couple of pictures of one left handed and one right handed blades.

The handles are hand carved Ash, slightly burned with a blow torch to give them a bit of character, then oiled with Linseed oil. The blades are epoxied into a hole in the handle. The holes are drilled at an angle into the handle to give the blade a slight up and back sweep.

I am going to forge some more of those carving blades, with different curves on them, from flatter curves to some with tighter curves. Watch this space!

I forgot to say, I used some 1/4" (6mm) round silver steel bar for those blades. 


  1. Perfect...simple and effective. I want to make some for myself!

  2. Go for it my friend. They are simple and effective, behaving a bit like a crooked knif because of the compound angles/

  3. Joel,

    another craftsman introduced to me by Arsenio! I've enjoyed your blog very much, and will make it one of my regular stops. With your permission I'll be including you in my weekly Blog Rodeo!

    Best Regards,
    Albert A Rasch
    A Chronicles' project: Building a Pirogue

  4. Hi Albert. Welcome to my blog. I have actually come across your blog before some while back. I am not into hunting, but only because I think it's such a expensive PITA here in the UK. I am happy to be included in your Blog Rodeo.

    All the best.

  5. Even if it sounds stupid, I´ve had the same thought as Arsenios. Have to burglar the smithy if it´s shut;-), but forging a carving knife like that I will.

  6. Go for it Markus :-). I used 6mm silver steel round bar for those blades. The blade is about 5 cm long and the tang is about the same. The curve can be whatever you want really.

  7. Got some 8 mm stock still. I forged a snake head on one hand and want to forge a dragon head knife from it, but still some 10 mm round stock left when all is said and done. Also have some spring steel. I am thinking of some integral carving knife, too...

    So many mountains, so little time...;-)