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19 November 2010

London to Paris Bike Ride

No doubt you noticed the large Logo about this. Well, my daughter has signed up to do this ride on behalf of the Big Issue Foundation. 230 miles in 3 days, one of the days will be 90 miles! Now, I sometimes cycle the 10 miles to where I work. It takes me about an hour. So 90 miles would take me about 9 hours +...  I am certain my daughter is fitter than I am! Still, it's not an easy thing to do and no doubt she will be saddle sore by the end of the day.

She has to raise the sponsorship money herself, plus all the equipment she'll need. She would appreciate any support you can give her, particularly money, so she can achieve the goal to raise the money for the Big Issue, and in the process, to achieve her personal goal to cycle to Paris!

Thank you for any help.


  1. That´s a big ride. I can say that, for I ride myself. If she is not professionally trained yet, I could try my best to make a contact to a professional coach who trains our racers. I daresay he would work out a training schedule for her for free. She could also contact www.sram.com, and I daresay the Sram cycling funds would be interested in the topic.

    That´s all I could do. Contact me per mail, if you are interested.

    My utter respect to your daughter!

  2. Thank you Markus. I'll pass the message to my daughter because she'll need to decide for herself how she wants to proceed with this. This is her big thing at the moment and I believe it's for her to think about it.

  3. Hi Maerkus I have shown this message to my daughter who would be grateful if you could do this. If you could contact me on my Email joel.delorme@btopenworld.com I'd appreciate it. Thanks Joel

  4. Hi, Joel, I posted your daughter´s request on www.zee-aylienz.de/forum.html

    Language is German.

    Will talk to Volker, a friend of mine and coach for our club, and Jens, another friend, and personal trainer.

    Will also talk to Elmar concerning the SRAM thing. Hope to be able to mail your daughter the results in two weeks time.

  5. Thanks very much Markus. I appreciate this.