"Not all those who wander are lost."

J R R Tolkien

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19 November 2010

My blog's evolving!

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a few changes on my blog recently. From the picture at the top, to the addition of a definition of what I think my blog is about, to a different colour scheme.

I have been pondering about what my blog is about and came to the conclusion that I was not clear, even to myself, where I was going with it. So far it's been mainly "about" the things I make. Mainly knives of course, after all, I am now trying to make and sell them to supplement my income, so this is part of a proper business. So it is important for me to continue talking about my newest designs. Of course, I am not giving up the day job just yet! I am not making a fortune here...

However important  making things is to me, there is more to life. There is also the why and the how, and I would like to give back a bit more by showing how I makethose objects. So I'll be making some more video tutorials and write more about how I make knives and other artifacts.

I have noticed too that I have done more Ramblings than Wanderings. So, I'll be adding more of those in the near future. I'll be doing/showing a bit more bushcraft and carving than I have done recently too.

If anyone has suggestions about what they'd like to see here, I would appreciate if you would please post some comments here.


  1. The tutorials sound great! And I like the layout of your blog. I've found blogging direction a challenge to define. It keeps changing for me. I think it boils down to your ultimate goal or motive. If you're going to use your blog to advertise for business purposes, then it will look different than one that just focuses on your experience with the craft. People who want to buy may not be interested in all of your musings. I personally think it's best to have a separate, more static site for your business. And keep your blog for posting your thoughts on the journey. You asked for thoughts, so I'm giving you my 2 cents. What I personally am looking for in blogs is the craft of knifemaking and the experience of people out bushcrafting. And, of course, I love lots of pics. :)

  2. I think that if you are a knife maker than it is only fair that you should advertise your wares on your own blog once in a while, but that alone would not keep me following. We all have our own interests, and as you say, you are still evolving. Get yourself a Kodak ZX1 video camera if you do not have one. They are inexpensive and do a great job (in my opinion).
    Play about a bit, try new things. See what you come up with. Skills, scenes, shelters.

  3. I did indeed ask, and your comments are quite useful. I think it should still be possible to mix the musing with the showing the knives I sell. I agree with Le Loup that being too dry and only posting about the knives as objects I make would not necessarily keep people coming back for more. It's indeed a balancing act. Not too much musing, relevant posts about knieves, knifemaking and the context of the use of those knives, some tutorials too. I have modified the heading a bit and also changed the description from blabbing on about ME to being more about the Blog and it's content.

    I bought a small camcorder a few days ago, so now, I need to make time for it!