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6 November 2010

My new Nessie design

I have made many Nessies of various shapes and sizes in the recent past, and never managed to keep one to myself yet! So I decided to make one for me...I'll try to hang on to it, for a while anyway! It's a strange thing, but because I know I can makes knives, I am not so inclined to hang on to them, and If I get an good offer...well, you know...

All my Nessies to date have been closely following Nessmuk's drawings, with the more extreme curve than most bushcrafters are comfortable with regarding knives. I decided to design and make a new knife, unmistakenly Nessie, but which would be a middle ground in abilities between a Woodlore type and a full on Nessie.

It definitely has the Nessie's spirit and good looks. The cutting edge is not as curved as on "normal" Nessies. The handle is also a bit flattened out and a little more chunkie to fit into my hand better. I have used Yew slabs and cast a pewter bolter and because of that, it has a very solid, hefty feel to it, but without being too heavy. The pins are steel and the lanyard tube is brass. To go with the overall style, I would have prefered a steel tube but couldn't find one. The 3mm thick, 01 tool steel blade, is etched.

By being less "extreme" in Nessie design terms, it should be a good all round woodcraft knife. Oz, from Canadian Bushcraft, filmed a video where he shows a different technique for making fuzz sticks, and he uses a normal Nessie to do it. So the Nessie design does works as a general woodcraft knife, not just as a full on hunting/butchering knife, which is why I think this little Nessie will work well.

It needs a little more sanding on the handle and then a bath in boiled linseed oil. And of course, a sheath.

Overall, the Nessie is 8 1/4" long. The cutting edge is just 4" long.


  1. This is an awesome knife. Think I got to make a nessmuk some time soon myself. What´s that for a damscus in the blade?

    I also like the bolster VERY much. Must have been difficult to make, wasn´t it?

    I´ll follow your blog on fimbulmyrk.blogspot.com!

  2. Thank you fimbulmyrk. I appreciate the comment. I'll go and have a look at your blog shortly.

    The blade is not Damascus, it is made of tool steel and etched with vinegar and garlic flakes! If you want to see how I did the bolster, there is a copy of my tutorial on http://planetbushcraft.com/forum/index.php
    Look for the Blades thread and then for Tutorials.