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2 February 2011

Making a large Nessie. Part one

About 18 months ago, I started to make a large Nessie to a pattern drawn by a member on BCUK. The blade was cut but put aside for more pressing work. I only got around to starting again on it!

This is the blade today. It has a 210 mm (8') cutting edge. The blade is 01 tool steel. The piece of 01 was only just longer than the blade, so I welded a piece of mild steel to make a stick tang. I will round the tang up and it will go through the handle, with a large pommel washer and will be riveted.

I did not want  a highly polished blade so added texture with a texturing hammer. The texturing hammer took about 2 minutes to make with my arc welder.

I also wanted to experiment a bit with the cutting edge. So approximately 2/3 of the cutting edge is convex and the last 1/3 is a scandi grind. I have placed the convex edge part nearer the handle, because convex edges are somewhat stronger so thought that his was approppriate for chopping, while the scandi grind will be more useful at the end of the blade. That's the theory anyway! I'll have to see how it works in practice.


  1. I like the character the pits give the blade.

  2. Sorry, was absent a little... narcissa syndrome, you know;-).

    That´s a great design, and I look forward to the result! Have made another Nessie myself and I am warming up with the design... have to try different angles again, too, but I tried it some time ago and messed up completely, so I tossed it in the drawer.

    I like the knives of Kiku Matsuda concerning this approach, or the traditional Phillipine En-Nep.

  3. Thank you gents. I am still looking for the right bit of antler for the handle. Not easy to find it it seems.

  4. Think a stag crown would match fine...