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22 February 2011

Texturing blades

Not much action on my blog recently, I am finishing a few jobs and making the odd new knife now and again. I like experimenting, it keeps the interest in making things, if they are not always the same.

This little knife, well, 8 1/2", 215 mm is such a case. The blade is a 01 tool steel stock removal, with a bit of forging. I experimented with texturing the blade, in a similar fashion to my big Nessie in the previous post. More densely textured, then wire brushed on the pillar drill, and finally  polished finely to give a good contrast on the blade. The indentations would not be cause problems with keeping the knife clean, the edges of the dents are very smooth, and clean easily.

The handle scale is also a wood I haven't used before on a knife, namely Box wood. Box wood used to be popular as tool handle, such as chisels, small plane bodies and such. I have to say, I am impressed. This is a very fine grained, very dense wood, and it takes a very high polish. I have a couple of old chisels with boxwood handles, and they are darker, I am not sure if the wood was darker in the first place, or whether it's darkened with age.


  1. I sometimes recycle old blades that are pitted. I just wire wheel them until the rust is removed (but not all the color) and then leave the surface as it is. I think it gives the blade more texture and history.

  2. Yes indeed, I like things to look like they've seen some life. Of course, each to it's own, but I am not kin on the super-shiny knives, particularly on a working knife. If it's to sit in a drawer, fine. I think it just reflect our modern obsession with "designing" the straight line, bland, shiny things. Too many things are made by machines in faceless factories. Hand made things should reflects the hands that made them.

    Anywhere where I could see some of your work?

  3. Doh...finally, the brain woke up...all I had to do was to go & look at your blog, Gorges!

  4. Looks great, Joel. Not seen that hammered effect in blades over here before. In Scandinavia, yes. I must say I absolutely love it!

  5. That looks great... I have tried that some times, too, but never brushed or polished the blades... have to try that, too...