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26 May 2011

Blogging is dead....long live Blogging

there seems to be that some fellow bloggers are having problems with accessing their own and others blogs at the moment.  I like mine and the fact that other people from around the world can follow it, and that I can follow other bloggers stories too. So I felt a bit of concern as to why: Is Blogger going down the pan? It appears not just yet...


Another misleading story reports that blogs ‘r’ dead

The technology press has been keen on the “blogging is dead” (or “dying”) meme for some time now, but it’s tough to find actual data or evidence supporting the notion. Blogging, of course, is changing; in the digital world, all is flux. But if you’re going to declare, as today’s New York Times headline does, that blogging is “waning,” it would be good to be able to show a decline in numbers. And that, sadly, is missing from the Times story — which cherry-picks statistics that look very different in their original contexts.

The rest of the story...


  1. The NYT has always looked down on blogs, especially news-oriented blogs, as somehow unqualified. It's an elitist stance and does nothing to make me respect the Old Gray Lady.

  2. I almost never watch network news anymore and will drop my local paper when the suscription runs out. Nothing is news anymore; everything is propaganda. That being the case, I'll get my news from the conservative bloggers, thank you NYT!

  3. That´s it. I work for the propaganda, making press releases and stuff. That makes me mistrust ANY news whatsoever nowadays.

    In Germany they discovered a new aggressive bacterium named E.coli. (Entohaemorrohagic Escherichia Coli) It´s an epidemy! 10 people died of it in Germany!

    Ummm... That´s 10 to some 81.879.97... just thinking....epidemy?

    And that´s the culprit with many news nowadays. More like driving any old pig thro´the village they can lay hands on. I have to in my job (city marketing), even if I am working on it to keep to the truth as much as possible and am doing it for the greater good.

    I have a suspicion that it´s not the case with many others.

  4. The New York Times is a pro when it comes to cherry-picking statistics that look very different in their original contexts.

    The NYT is only good for lining the bottom of a bird cage as far as I'm concerned.

    Long live the blog!

  5. Personally I laugh when it says "it is losing popularity among teens". Teens don't stay teens. It may not be popular to the new generation of teens, but those teens that had a blog, most likely still have a blog now that they've grown up. My two cents.