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1 May 2011

New design, a spring-back locking folder

I am quite fond of small friction folders, and because I haven't worked on any new designs recently, I decided to start working on a new folder design. 

I have used an old design as a starting point. I was going to make a friction folder, but the design and work sort of wandered off on a tangent and became a spring-back locking folder instead. This is the first time I have made a spring-back locking knife. I am really happy with it. The spring I made for it would be a worthy addition to a bear trap I think!

It is only dry fitted together at the moment, but even so, there is no play at all anywhere.

I am going to fit a ring into the small hole on the top of the spring, fitted with a short lanyard. To open the spring and unlock the blade, you pull on the ring and fold the blade.

This is the first of this design and there are a few details to iron out, but I think this is going to be really solid folding knife. This one has a 3" scandi grind blade, and I am also going to make a 4" blade with more of a drop point, scandi grind model. I have thought before about making a folding bushcraft knife and I think this going to be it!


  1. Looking good.
    As an aside, everyone knows that flick knives are illegal in Australia, but the customs department has gone one further all on it's own with no official direction!!! Customs officers I have been informed, are being trained to perfect a wrist flick that will ensure that a lock knife blade will flick out, so that they can ban its import!!!
    How about that?! How pathetic can one get?

  2. I gather from reading on the Britsh Blades Forum that the UK customs at Mount Pleasant in London have been doing the exact same thing for some times now...carrying on their own self-righteous (illegal?) crusade against those infidels who still dare to sell/buy knives.

  3. *GRml ;-) you are two up on me;-)! Coming to think of it, more of 200...

    Have to have a try at that, too, but am a bit reluctant still.

    Knife laws are always pathetic. I mean it´s fear in people carrying guns against people wearing knives. One police officer I am loosely acquainted to stated his greatest fear are knives, and attacks with them. That from one trained man with a gun at his side and a leather jacket and a protection vest. No offence meant, but I think, while there always are criminals, and they are righteously feared, people fear the tool, too. And in itself.

    I have a suspicion that people fear the individual self reliance (and required sense of responsibility)aspect more than the weapon aspect sometimes, too.

    I strongly believe that it is our obligation to educate people to responsibly use the tool, not just ban it. Sublimation always leads to extreme and pathetic breakouts. The Third Reich is an example (C.G. Jung: Wotan (1928) wrote about the sublimation of cultural aspects in Germany and a pathetic breakout to be feared way before the lunatic with the strange moustache came to take reign).

    It´s not us versus them. But homo sapiens sapiens against homo sapiens oeconomicus, in my humble opinion.

    Therefore I work with children, and keep in close contact to the authorities.

    Anyway, I like that knife and have to make one myself... but so many projects, so little time!