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31 March 2012

Who needs Bruno Duffort?

Fimbulmurk mentioned Bruno's work in one of my posts, and I thought I'd make a folder in one of his styles. It can be a good way to learn different techniques and, as I don't like to make straight copy of things, I used one of my own folder designs and turned it into this:

The knife is 140 mm long when folded and 180 mm when open. The blade is 4mm thick, stock removal, as opposed to Bruno's forged blades. The scales are made out of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel. The pivot's washers are hand made in brass, and the arrow head is sterling silver. It is quite a hefty knife at approximately 165 grs.

I enjoyed making it although the style is not really my cup of tea. It is quite cold to the touch due to the all steel construction. Having said that, if you want a beast of a knife, with lots of strength, this is the knife!


  1. Nice work indeed.

  2. Not my style either, but the craftsmanship is obvious!

  3. Bruno certainly is a great craftsman, just saying that again, don´t want to tamper with his reputation any, but, hey, your works have a unique style. I could tell this is no Bruno Duffort folder just by the way how you design your lines. Great!

    Not my style either, but you might consider to try it in titanium!;-)

  4. Yes indeed he is. I like his work, he certainly has his own very distinctive style. So...who needs Bruno? We do, as inspiration for our own projects, but with our own twist to them! Titanium? not sure about that, I've never looked at that, thinking that must be expensive to get and hard to work!

  5. Try to get scrap material from aircraft or acid tank fabrication industries. They often have something that fell off the scrap metal container;-). It´s extremely difficult to work with, though. You can get pure titanium from www.angele.de. I even tried forging it once, but I guess stock removal is the better choice. Good luck;-)!