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5 February 2013

Building the river scow. Pictures and update

Things are progressing in the building shed. Firstly, the marquee does not like the wind. It's been tied down well, but I can't stop the windows flogging temselves to destruction in the westerly wind we had the past couple weeks. So brown masking tape is doing the job for now.

I have now prepared all the bits of wood for the two sides of the boat. I am basically pre-fabricating as much as possible, whilst the weather is a bit too cold to glue anything yet. Which is going to be frustrating because I am nearly ready to glue up. There will be a bit of tweaking when I glue up, most likely!

Anyway. Most of the work is being done with hand tools. I have a band saw, and a circular saw but the bits of woods are mostly too big to man-handle on the bandsaw, and I don't like the circular saw! Besides, it's often quicker to pick up the handsaw rather than setting up the circular saw, plugging it in, putting dust mask on, ear defenders, etc.

So, here are a few photos. As the sides are practically as long as the marquee, it's difficult to take pictures of the whole lengths. The frames, 2' x 6', are placed 3ft apart.

Overall view of both sides
Mostly hand cut, including the few curves
Starboard side, seen from the stem
One of the scarf joints
Another one
Yet one more!


  1. The work looks good. Hope the weather warms for you soon.

    1. Thank you Gorges. I am looking forward to a bit of warmer weather so I can glue stuff!

  2. I have nothing to add;-)! Great progress, and I hope that it goes on well...

    1. Well , Markus, so far it's going well, would be nicer/easier with a bit of warmth though.