"Not all those who wander are lost."

J R R Tolkien

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15 May 2013

Is God wearing rose-tinted spectacles?

I do indulge in a bit of people watching at times. Probably because I am a grumpy old man, my observations may appear to be, how shall I say: a little  jaundiced. I also seem to be developing a way of looking a people as if I was not part of them,  just observing another species among many other species we share the Earth with.

So, that thought came into my head the other day: is God wearing rose-tinted spectables, as far as the human animal is concerned?

I mean, like a yound lady who finds herself deeply in love with a man who, in her rose-tinted,  be-spectacled eyes, can do no wrong, but whom everybody else see for what he really is: aggresive, violent, drunken, greedy, selfish, self destructive...the list could go on.

She hopes against all odds that she can redeem this man, that he will change and become the prince charming she always wants him to be.

I believe some religion sees us as being made in God's image.  Personally I hope not. I think God has made a mistake in creating man, is now wearing rose-tinted spectacles and hopes against all odds that man the drunk, violent, selfish, greedy, will change and become what He intended.

One of these days, God will wake up to the reality, or, just like the young lady, will loose her rose-tinted spectacles. Woe Betide man then.

Now, please gentlemen, don't take this too seriously. I am not intending to insult anyone's faith in writing this. This is more of a light hearted view of my fellow men, whom I tend to look at through my own yellow tinted spectacles, with my "grumpy old man" hat on!


  1. I think it's more a matter of God giving us all enough time and evidence that we'll never be able to say that we "didn't know."

  2. There does seem to be some great power in the universe that favors humans -there certainly is a lot of us running around.

    Maybe we're just fun to watch.

    1. It certainly appears that way at times. And yet the life of many is rather miserable. Yes, indeed there are a lot of us. Seems to me that humanity is going forward, like the fictitious lemmings, about to throw ourselves off a great cliff.

  3. I recently saw a very great cartoon of a bunch of lemmings leaping off the edge of a cliff, while one of them was dangling by his neck on a rope from the overhang of the cliff. The lemmings jumping off were shocked and asked: "Oh, (forgot the name) why?"

    I believe man has made a decisison not long ago in the eyes of the supreme power, but for man it might as well have been the beginning of time. Man decided he was tired of living a hard, morally sensitive life. Mammon-Pluto was at hand, with a treaty to sign. We all signed in to worshipping Mammon. But behind Mammon there loomed something older, end even more evil than the Evil wise me of any religion warned us of.

    And, by worshipping Mammon and other gods with less sympathic characters exclusively (in fact, they are, if you so will, just the cardinal sins), we worship this abomination of the universe as our god, and applied the principles of worship to worshipping this ancient evil. By worshipping a abomination of the universe, we become it.

    It´s not the fault of the law of the universe that it has given us the freedom to choose. It´s our fault, and ours alone. I personally think God or the power of the universe or however you might call Him, her or it, might dispair. For He/She/ It does not want to cut down on our freedom of choice, even if He/She/It might suffer. That indeed is love, but far more than the sense of the word we can understand.

    If anyone is taking offence, please rest assured that this was not my intention. It´s just what I believe.