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15 September 2013

Building the boat: Summer's end or, how far have I got?

So the summer's good warm weather has ended. Ten days ago, the temperatue was 30 degrees. Today? 12 degrees. Not really cold, but at that temperature, epoxy becomes rather thick and hard to pump accurately. Yes, I could warm the tub. But the wood is also colder, this makes the epoxy hard to spread evenly. So, I think I'm going to have to give up glueing things. Yikes..What am I going to do: the bottom isn't finished. The external joints aren't taped either.

How far have I got? Half the bottom is actually finished, except taping the joints on the outside of the hull. I have painted the inside (the finished part) using proper bilge paint. It looks good, and I'm happyu with it.

I think if I had not had a heart attack and the stent op, I would have finished that hull. Not bad going for a 36 ft long hull! But I have had the heart attack and the stent op, the hull is not finished and the weather is no longer cooperating. So now, I have got to decide my next steps.

I could leave it alone over winter of course, and carry on when the weather gets warmer again. But that would be over, what, 6 to 7  momths? Nah. Got to do something. There is plenty of work I can do over the winter. The only snag is that I have to lower the hull, so that I can start on the cabin. It's not a problem doing the cabin before the bottom is finished. The structure is rigid and strong enough now. So I am going to have to lower the hull to have enough space to work on the cabin under the tent. Then, when the weather gets better, I'll just have to raise the whole thing up again, so that I can work under the boat to finish the hull!

A few pictures:
Laminating a curved panel on top of the beams
The inside painted with bilge paint. I am using light colour paint throughtout
Anothe view of the inside
Under the hull. Jack the Bull Terrier inspecting the work
Under the boat. There is about 3ft space, so that I can work under there. The hanging cloth  is the peel ply, peeled for working on the joints


  1. Looks good from what I can see. I couldn't see you waiting all winter for something to do!

  2. Looks like you've found a way to keep busy. My little boat won't be ready this year -and I didn't even have a heart attack! I'll wheel it into the basement while I go sailing down south. That's a good excuse as any.