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13 October 2013

Building the boat: Progress in the colder weather

Since my last post when I was be-moaning the drop in temperature, the weather rallied somewhat. I have been able to make and fit 4  more bottom-of-the-boat panels and the first bulkhead at the stern of the boat. The bottom now has only 3 panels left to build and fix in place, and that will have to wait until the spring. One advantage of that is that the interior will be easier to access while I work on the cabin sides and roof.

Since those pictures where taken, I have painted all the bare areas. I am pleased because that show real progress toward the finish of the build. Considering the heart attack, the going has been pretty good. I had originally believed I would build the hull to completion this year and I know I would have finished it but for the delays due to illness.
This area is 10ft by 8ft, the last panels to be done this year
This will be the cockpit/porch floor, with inspection hatches
Bulkhead with the start of the back door frame
Prefabrication the cockpit edges
Good view of the rear floor panel. This one was hard work to install!
This area of the boat will remain open till spring
General view of the inside of the boat
My next step: lowering the hull down to 6" off the workshop floor. I think there will then be just enough headroom to build the cabin. I have three, 2 tons hydraulic jacks for the job of lowering the hull, so there should not be any problems because I estimate that, at this stage, the hull weighs about 2 tons.


  1. No ultra-light, that one! Sounds sturdy!

    1. No,she'll be a heavy weight, at least the hull is. ! 1/2" thick. Pity the chlorox boats that hits us. I worked on one once and the hull was actually translucent!

  2. You've made wonderful progress. Sadly, my boat project is under a tarp until spring. Materials bought for the boat project ended up being used on last minute projects for the house and the other boat. We got focused on being able to leave by Oct. 10, which we did.

    Next season we plan on taking the small boat all over the place so it will be finished.

    I can't imagine how far alone you'd be without the heart attack. Nice looking work too.

    All the best!

    1. Well life is not all about boat building, it's good to actually use the boats too!