"Not all those who wander are lost."

J R R Tolkien

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26 April 2011

My new hicking stick

Ever since I had torn tendons in my foot, I have been using a stick of some sort. Generally my foot does no cause me too much problems, but sometimes it can get quite painful still. Besides, I have come to enjoy having a good stick with me, as they are really quite useful. I used the aluminium poles to start with but they are not something you can like very  much, so I ended up making  a variety of hicking sticks. This one is my latest creation.
The stick itself is Hickory about 3/4" diameter and 48" long, left over piece from a bow I made some while back. The handle is leather and incorporate a miniature compass.

The lanyard is a 4 strand leather sennit (plait) stained, passed through the hole in the stick, each end of the lanyard separated into 2 and joinded together to form the loop. The join is covered by a leather turk's head knot. It should have been 3 strand turk's, but ended up 2 strands, because I ran out of leather lace!

I turned a wooden ball, epoxied the compass in place on top and covered it in leather. I should really have recessed the compass into the ball, and so had to add the compass/start leather design to recess the compass fully. The star is tacked into place with proper brass pins. (not brassed steel pins!) And I think it looks nicer now thant what I had planned in the first place.

It's maybe on the slightly heavier side, but that was quite a nice project as I enjoy working with leather; this stick is now my new favourite!


  1. THAT is one sharp-looking stick!

  2. Indeed it is!!!! How did you shed the tip? Iron or copper?

    GREAT work!

  3. Thanks lads!! The tip is at the moment unfinished, I have used a copper plumber's fitting. I am thinking of drilling a hole in it to epoxy a hardened masonery nail .sticking out slightly, and to also have a rubber walking stick ferrule on it

  4. The compass in the top is a really neat idea.

  5. Joel, I really like the leather on this one. Great job! I've seen other walking sticks w/compasses, but yours is by far the best solution (and nicest looking.)

    Wonderful Whittlin'