"Not all those who wander are lost."

J R R Tolkien

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23 May 2012

A regular visitor

The past few weeks have seen a new visitor to the garden, a Muntjac deer. She seems to have made the garden part of her "patch". Most evenings, she turns up at about dusk, spending about 20 minutes browsing the grass around the ponds and nibbling the new tender lower leaves on the ornamental cherry tree and the oak. I am not be-grudging her the leaves and the lower snapped branches. Considering that on the other side of the fence, inches away, there is a very busy road with constant traffic, I'm happy to see any wildlife! I leave the grass and plants deliberately wild in that corner, we have two small ponds there, and considering how small they are, there is a amazing amount of life in and around them. We even had grass snakes last summer, looking for dinner, no doubt.

The pictures aren't terribly good, but it was almost dark, and the deer was at the far end of the camera's zoom lens ability (and mine!)


  1. Joel, that reminds me of when I lived in an old house in the woods, when deer and boar and fox were regular visitors... I had a wild porcupine, hares and squirrells as friends as a kid, and more wild animals as friends than humans-no wonder I am gone a bit funny in the head;-). Anyway, a very beautiful post and a photo I will remember. Thank you!

  2. Nice when animals trust you.

  3. We're about due to see this year's fawns here, as the does bring them into our lawn and introduce them to the world. The young ones and the does will then tame down over the summer, until hunting season puts distrust back into them.

  4. What fascinates me about animals in general is how alert they always are. Not easy getting close to any without being rumbled. This deer always knows we are watching it, watching right back and scarpering at the slightest wrong move on our part! Humans on the other hand, mostly seem oblivious to what's going on around them.